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Garage Door Safety

Avoid using a broken garage door!

Our garage door open and close whenever we need it to. Whether it is an automated garage door, or a commercial garage door, we are used to a door which always work in a perfect way. But when something is breaking, and the door need to be repaired, we forget that in most places, the garage door is probably the largest moving object which is a part of the house. And as such, a garage door can be dangerous. Just think about the weight and the size of the door, that now need to be repaired.
We ask again, using a broken garage door isn’t safe! Avoid using the garage door until it will be inspected and repaired by a professional garage door repairman.

The Garage Door Safety Features

There are few safety features which every garage door should include, in order to provide a safe use. Below we list 2 of the most important two features that every garage door should include:

Safety Sensors

If there is an automated garage door installed in your house, it should also include a safety feature such as “safety sensors”. We would like to make it clear, the safety sensors is not an option! If someone installed a garage door opener for you, buy did not provide you with safety sensors, he broke the law, since the law demand every automated garage door, whether it is a garage door Redondo Beach, Or a garage door in Hermosa Beach, to include a safety feature, such as the safety sensors.
Each safety sensor is installed on each side of the garage door from the inside, facing each other. Once something is breaking the beam between the sensors, (or if the sensors are not facing each other), the door will stop moving and reverse in order to avoid crashing the object which crossed the open.

Safety Cables

If your garage door is moving with the assistance of extension spring system, than you should make sure that there are safety cables installed as well. The safety cables are there for one reason – to protect the garage surrounding area in case one of the springs will break.
The extension springs are under a lot of pressure. And when it is breaking it can cause damage to the door, objects next to eat or even people. The safety cable, which is a metal cable looped from one side of the extension spring to the other side, and mounted to the wall or any other steady point, and in case the spring will break (which will happen eventually one day), the safety cable will try to restrain the breaking spring, and minimize the damage.

General safety tips

Please pay attention, the safety features does not guarantee a 100% protection. Use common sense, and avoid using a broken garage door. If you are not sure, call a repairman to come and inspect the door. If nothing is wrong, then you will feel safe, and if there is something broken, it is better to fix the garage door before it will completely stop working.





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