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Every repair job, and it doesn’t matter if it is a garage door or a gate, must include few things: The first, you need to love what you do, and you need to enjoy working with your head and your hands, helping other people. The second thing, is that you must locate and repair – beside the part which need repair – the reason or the cause that made the problem. No repair is complete if the reason for the problem wasn’t solved. Sometime, especially when it is a garage door or a gate, the problem is due to lack of maintenance, and in that case there is nothing much you can do, except from maintain the door, and explain the owner about how important the maintenance is. But sometime the reason lay somewhere, and a good technician can find it, and repair it.

A good garage door repairs

Let’s look at one example: During our garage door services, we sometime get to a house with a garage door, and find that the garage door opener is not working and need to be replaced. Now, there are technician that will replace the opener, take the money and go away. But a good technician will inspect the mechanism of the door, and he may find that the reason that caused the opener to burn is actually the spring system, which didn’t match the door, or maybe the springs weren’t adjust. A good garage door repairman will replace the opener, but he will also adjust the spring system, so the new opener won’t also break in few months.

A garage door spring repairs

We always repeat it, and we will do it again: The force which lift and open the garage door, and the force which stop the heavy garage door from crashing to the ground, is coming from the spring system, and not from the opener. It is true that when you look at the moving garage door, it seem that the opener is what doing the opening and closing, but if you knew the mechanism of a garage door you could see that the opener is doing only 10% of the job, while the rest is being done by the springs.
A broken garage door spring, no matter if it is a torsion spring system, or extension spring system, should not be used, and should be repaired by an experience garage door tech. Not every spring fit every garage door, and there are many calculations that help to determine what the best spring for the door is. And if it is a torsion spring system, finding the right spring is not enough, you need to add tension to the springs, but exactly in the right amount, otherwise the door won’t work, and that can be dangerous.

Garage Door Opener Repairs

Many opener problems are starting from one thing: lack of maintenance. The maintenance is the process which allow the door to continue to work, and just like you will never ignore the need of your car for maintenance and oil change, do not ignore the need of the garage door. Before you decide that the problem is from the opener, there are few routine checks you can perform: Make sure that the opener receive electricity. It is possible that there is no electricity in the garage door, and you can’t expect from an electric opener to work with no electricity…
If the garage door is closing, but in the middle it is reversing, most likely that the problem is coming from the safety sensors. If the sensors aren’t aligned facing each other, or if something is blocking the beam between them, or if there is dirt on one of the eyes, or if one of the cables which connect them to the opener is broken, the garage door won’t close, since the sensors are signaling the opener that something is in the way. In that case you need to make sure that the sensors facing each other, and that nothing is placed in the door’s path.


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We offer same day garage door service! And not only that, we will probably be able to fix your garage door today. We offer garage door service in the next 3 Beaches:
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If you are located in one of those there Beaches, and need a garage door repair, contact us today, and leave the garage door issue in the past. Below you can find a list of the garage door services we provide. If it is a garage door, we can repair it!

•       Garage Door Opener Repair.
•        Garage door sensors repair. 
•        Out of track garage door repair. 
•        Garage door panel replacement. 
•       Garage Door Spring Repair.
•        Garage door cables replace. 
•        Garage doors pulley replacement.
•        Overhead garage door tune up. 
•        Garage door cables replacement. Safety cables installation.  
•        And much more... 




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