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Garage Door Repair Tips And DIY

Garage Door Repair Tips And DIY

Every garage door, even the top quality one, is going to need repair service one day. Whether it is a garage door opener in Redondo Beach, or a broken garage door spring in Woodland Hills, Some doors will break after 5 years, and some will last with the same parts more than 20 years, how long the door will last before need to be repaired depend on many variables, and the best you can do is the maintain the door on time, and by doing so, you will extend the life cycle of the door and its parts.
Bellow you will find a list of the most common garage door problems and troubleshooting, if your garage door is broken, and need to be repaired, or if you have questions regarding a garage door and troubleshooting, we welcome you to contact us, and we will gladly assist you, since repair  garage doors in Redondo Beach is what we do. But before we start, please be careful, since a broken garage door, whether it is a broken garage door in Redondo Beach, or a garage door repair in Brooklyn can be dangerous, and should be repaired and inspected by a trained garage door technician.

Broken Garage Door Spring Tips

The garage door torsion spring system, or extension spring system, is the force which make it so easy to lift open even the heaviest garage doors, it is also what balance the door when it is closing and make it moving in a smooth way. When a garage door spring break, it usually followed by a loud and scary noise, that make you wonder if you are going to have to purchase a new garage door son. But luckily, a broken garage door spring is a common problem, and it does not mean that it is time to purchase a new garage door and replace the existing door, all you need to do is to contact Three Beaches Garage Doors to come and replace the broken spring.

What to do when the spring break

There isn’t actually much you can do when spring break, but we highly recommend you to avoid using the garage door, since using a door which its spring broke can lead to a bigger damage, and can even be dangerous. If you will try to operate the Overhead garage door without the assistance of one of the springs using the garage door motor, you may damage the motor in a way that will require a new garage door motor, since the garage door will too heavy for the motor to lift, and will eventually stop working.
A spring replacement is not an easy job, and should be performed by a trained garage door tech, who will know to match the correct spring for your garage door, and who has the tools which are needed to replace a broken spring. If you own a commercial garage door, and need to replace a broken spring, we can help since we offer a same day commercial garage door repair in Redondo Beach.

Broken Garage Door Opener Repair Tips

If you own an automated garage door, and you experiencing problems operating the garage door, it may be a result of an opener problem. There are few options that can lead to an opener problem, and we will try to go over some of them.

Safety Sensors troubleshooting

The garage door safety sensors are there for your safety! The federal law require that every motorized garage door will include a safety feature, and the safety sensors is one of them. If your garage door opener start to close the garage door, and suddenly – before the door reach the floor – reverse and bring the garage door back to open position, you may have safety sensors problem (It is usually followed by a blinking lights from the opener, which tell you that something is wrong). When it happen, you should check the sensors, and make sure that they are facing each other, if they do face each other (If they don’t. try to align them so they will be facing each other) , check the wires that connect them to the opener and make sure that it isn’t damages. If everything looks fine, please contact us, and we will be on our way.

Garage door Key Pad, Remote and Push Button

If your garage door remote control does not open the garage door, it may be that the battery dies, and it need to be replaced. The same goes for the Key Pad, if it does not open the door, try to replace the battery. If you replaced the battery, but the problem is still there, please contact us, and we will try and help.

Out of track garage door

If you live in Redondo Beach California, and your garage door went out of track, please contact Three Beaches Garage Doors to come and help. Forcing the out of track garage door back into the track can be dangerous, and it certainly won’t repair the problem, since there is a reason why the door went out of track, and you need to locate the reason and repair it so it won’t happen again.

Out of track after hit by a car

If someone hit your garage door with a car, and the door went out of track, putting it back in the track may be dangerous. A garage door technician should inspect the garage door, and make sure that it is safe for use. There are parts in the garage door that may got damaged by the hit, and they may be exposed only by a trained garage door technician, who understand the garage door mechanism, and will be able to replace the damaged parts.

Do it yourself Garage Door Repair Tips

If you search for a garage door DIY on Youtube, you may find Videos that explain everything there is to know about the garage door, its parts and the mechanism. From Videos regarding torsion spring replacement, to motor installation through garage door Redondo Beach Video. But, what you need to know is that every garage door is unique, and a spring that will perfectly fit one garage door, may not fit another garage door, and trying to use a garage door with the wrong part can be dangerous.

Garage Door Safety DIY

Let’s assume that you did find the right parts, and you also got the right tools. That does not mean that you are ready for the job. You must understand that you are perfectly understand that mechanism of the garage door, and you should avoid touching and releasing parts that you are not sure about. It may seem easy on the Videos, but it is enough that one thing was changed from the Video, and now you are putting yourself, and the people who use the door at risk.




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