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Garage Door Motor Redondo beach

Garage Door Motor

Garage Door Motor Redondo Beach

If you own a garage door, and you are using it on a daily base, there is probably one question you asked yourself more than once – Do I need a garage door motor? The answer to this question consist from few answers to few questions, and we will try to answer some of them and try to make it easier for you to make the right decision.

What is a garage door motor?

A garage door motor is an electric device which make our garage door open and close in an automated way. There are many garage door motors installed in Redondo Beach, so each one can find the right garage door motor for the garage door. If you are tired of opening and closing your garage door manually every time you need to use the garage, maybe it is time for you to consider installing a new garage door motor.

Who need a garage door motor?

Everyone who own a garage door, which is operated manually, should consider installing a garage door motor. In our days, the garage door motors are not expensive as they used to be, and a good garage door motor, which was installed by a trained garage door technician, can last 10-20 years, and sometime even longer.
Think that instead of arriving home with your car, you need to stop the car, get out of it, open the garage door lock, lift the garage door, get back into the car, drive into the garage, stop the car, get out of it, and close the garage door… You see where it is going. All this tiring process can be replaced with a click on the motor’s remote control to open the garage door, and another click to close it. So what do you say? Need a new garage door motor in Redondo Beach? We are here for you.

Which motor is the right for me?

Looking for garage door motor in Redondo Beach? No need to go far, we are your local company for all your garage door needs. And if you need to make the right decision for your next garage door motor, we are here for you. If you search online for garage door motors companies, you will find many manufactures, who will say that they are the makers of the best garage doors openers. Three Beaches Garage Doors are not to determine which one is right, but after many years of serving garage doors in Redondo Beach, we learned which the best companies are, and which the best openers are.
In general, the garage door motors divide into three kinds: chain drive motor, belt drive motor, and screw drive motor. The chain drive are the most popular motors this days, and they are considered to reliable and strong. The belt drive are also considered to be high quality openers, and although they cost a little bit more, they are considered to be very quiet and reliable. Today you will find less and less screw drive openers, but they are still the best option for those who prefer to do the installation themselves (DIY garage door motor), since the installation of the screw drive motors consider to be simplest from all three.

The motor and the garage door

It doesn’t matter where your garage door is located, whether it is a wooden garage door in Redondo Beach, or a garage door Brooklyn, there is one thing which the garage doors have in common – a spring system, which provide the energy which lift and lower the garage door. So don’t be wrong, and know that not every garage door problem – as much as it may seem as a motor problem – is coming from the motor. If the spring is broken or not tuned, and the door is not working properly, the lifting job is transferred to the opener, which is not supposed to do the majority of the lifting, and to you it may seem like there is a motor problem.

Garage door motor and safety

The federal law require every motorized garage door, whether it is a residential garage door in Redondo Beach, or garage door in Hermosa Beach, to include a safety feature, which will protect the garage door itself, or any kind of object, which will be placed at the garage door’s path while it is moving. The safety feature you will find in most houses in Redondo Beach is the safety sensors.
The safety sensors are installed on each side of the garage door (by or on the track), and close to the ground (in case you own a pet), and while facing each other, they are meant to prevent the closing door from hurting anything which is placed at its path. When something is blocking the beam between the two sensors, they “signal” the motor that something is in the door’s path, and the motor reversing the moving door to open position, and signaling you that the door cannot be closed.

Garage door motor Redondo Beach

Three Beaches Garage Doors offer same day garage door motor repair and installation in Redondo Beach CA. If your garage door motor is not working like it used to work, if you are looking for someone who install new motor, or if you need someone to adjust you existing opener, please contact us, and we will be happy to assist you.




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