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Garage Door Safety

Garage Door And safety

Our garage door open and close whenever we need it to. Whether it is an automated garage door, or a commercial garage door, we are used to a door which always work in a perfect way. But when something is breaking, and the door need to be repaired, we forget that in most places, the garage door is probably the largest moving object which is a part of the house. And as such, a garage door can be dangerous. Just think about the weight and the size of the door, that now need to be repaired...Read More

Repair Or Replace Garage Door?

Repair Or Replace?

Sometime the answer is clear: You need to repair your garage door, whether it is a broken torsion spring, or a broken opener, or even a damaged panel, it is clear that a repair will solve the problem. But sometime you are facing the question: Is it worth for me to repair the garage door, or is it better for me to replace it with a new garage door?... Read More

How To Choose Garage Door

How To Choose A Garage Door

One of the question that our customers are facing when they are looking to purchase a new garage door is: How to choose a new garage door? When you are trying to answer this question, there are few parameters you should consider. In this post we will try to highlight some of them, helping you to make the right decision on your way to a new garage door... Read More

Garage Door Troubleshooting

Garage Door Troubleshooting

There are many possible problems, which can completely prevent a garage door from working, we will try and view the most common problems. But before we will do that, we would like to make it clear that if your garage door is broken, or if you think that there may be something wrong with, to stop using it, and contact a garage door contractor to come and inspect the door... Read More

Garage Door Maintenanace

Garage Door Maintenance

The same way you will never ignore the need of your car for inspection, oil change and tune up, you should not ignore the need of your garage door to be maintained. The garage door maintenance is not a complicated process, and usually take 20-40 minutes, but the results are what matter, and they are a better operating garage door, a long lasting one, and a safer one. ... Read More