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Why my gate is not working?

If we would like to give you an answer that will cover all the options of the reasons for a broken gate, we are going to need a team of 100 writers, who will work 24-7 for a year, and by the time they finish, there will probably exist new gates and gate operators that will demand them to write more for another year. But what we can do, is to go over few of the common reasons that lead to a broken gate.

1. Lack of maintenance: Whether it is a swing gate, a roll gate, residential gate or commercial gate, whether the gate is installed in Manhattan Beach CA, or a rolling gate Manhattan NY, every gate need to be maintained, and preferably twice a year. We are all used to a gate which operating perfectly and serve us every day, but what we tend to ignore is the need of that gate for maintenance.  Many people mistakenly consider the maintenance as a waste of money, by thinking “The gate is working fine, why should I waist money on maintaining it”? And the answer which we give to that is always the same: you are not wasting money, but you are investing money. Taking care of your gate, lubricate the parts and tune it, is going to protect the gate, extend its life cycle, and probably save you a lot of money which you would of spend if the gate stuck and needed to be repaired.

2. The gate hit by a car: Yes, most of the gate repair calls we receive in Manhattan Beach CA, comes from people after someone hit their gate with a car. The result of the accident does not always end with a gate which isn’t operable, but we highly recommend you to contact a gate repair contractor in Manhattan Beach CA, who can come and check the gate, and make sure that the gate is safe tom use again.

3. The gate opener is not responding: An automated/Electric gate, with a broken opener cannot be used (unless you know how to turn the gate into manual operation by disabling the opener and the chain). Luckily, it doesn’t always mean that the opener need to be replaced by a new one, there are few options that may cause the problem, and replacing the opener is located at the end of the list.

4. The gate is out of track: Whether it is a garage door in Redondo Beach, or a sliding gate in Hermosa Beach, a gate which is out of track (or any gate which need to be repaired) should not be used until someone will come and inspect it. If you will not stop trying to operate the gate, you may cause 2 things: the first, you will cause a bigger damage, and then you will spend much more time and money; second, you can hurt yourself, or other people or objects which are located near the broken gate.

5. Electricity problem: It happen a lot that a gate is not responding, and we are getting a call to come and assist. But when we get to the location and examine the gate, we find that the reason for the problem is lack of electricity – The gate does not receive any electricity. If that is the case, you should contact an electrician to come and fix the problem. If after the electrician completed the job, but the gate is still not working, or need to be adjust, then you should contact us, and we will repair it for you.

There are many more potential reasons which can result with a broken gate, but in general we can say that a gate should only be handled by a professional gate repairman, and it is better if he is local, because then he can come to you place in a short notice, and repair the gate the same day.

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