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Commercial Garage Door Repair

A commercial overhead garage door should be strong and reliable. It is usually bigger, heavier, and working on higher opening and closing cycle, comparing to the residential garage door. But if we put all those differences aside, there is one big difference between the residential and the commercial garage doors: A commercial garage door, which is stuck, broken, or any other problem that prevent the overhead garage door from working properly means one thing: A loss of money for your business. Three Beaches Garage Doors offer same day repair service for commercial garage door in Redondo Beach, and with our 24-7 emergency repair service, you can be sure that someone is going to fix your door today.

Overhead Door Redondo Beach – Safety First!

Every garage door or gate, whether it is a commercial garage door in Redondo Beach, or a sliding gate in Hermosa Beach, can get stuck and stop working. Sometime the problem can be fixed within quick repair, and sometime the repair can take few visits (When there is a need to order new parts), but there is one thing which need to be clear and can save life, a garage door which is not working properly, whether it is a broken spring or a motor problem, should not be used until a trained garage door technician examined the door, repaired the problem, and confirm that the door is safe for use again. And if the case is a broken commercial overhead door, it can be even more dangerous, since a heavy duty commercial garage door can weight hundreds of pounds, and trying to operate it the wrong way can be deadly.

Commercial Garage Door Repair

Not every garage door technician can deal with a commercial garage door. A commercial overhead door should be repaired by an experienced technician only, and should never be used if it is not perfectly working. A commercial garage door repair require experience, knowledge and tools, and can sometime turn into a complicated project. Three Beaches Garage Doors, got the knowledge, the tools and the experience to repair all kinds of commercial garage door issues: from broken spring repair, to window replacement to motor installation – If it is a garage door, we can fix it!
We, at Three Beaches Garage Doors, aware of the fact that when it comes to commercial garage door service, the time is a major factor, and you probably need your garage door repaired ASAP. If that is the case, and you need an emergency repair, please contact us, and we will be there today!

Commercial Garage Door Maintenance

We said it many times before, and we will repeat it over here: The key to a perfectly working garage door, and to a garage door which won’t need any repair service every few months, is garage door maintenance. The maintenance is what protect your garage door, and what help the door operate in a better way. The maintenance of an overhead garage door is not a complicated job, and it can be performed even by you. But when it comes to commercial garage doors, we are not sure that the DIY way of maintaining the garage door is going to apply. The difference between a residential garage door maintenance and a commercial garage door maintenance, is not only the process itself, which require different tolls and parts, but also involve a dipper safety check which need to performed, and if it will be done by a technician who wasn’t trained correctly, or isn’t experienced enough, it can be dangerous.

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