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Repairing a broken garage door, IS NOT always the cheapest decision!

Sometime the answer is clear: You need to repair your garage door, whether it is a broken torsion spring, or a broken opener, or even a damaged panel, it is clear that a repair will solve the problem. But sometime you are facing the question: Is it worth for me to repair the garage door, or is it better for me to replace it with a new garage door?
There isn’t one simple answer to this question, but we will try to give you some info, which can help you make the right decision.

What is the condition of the garage door?

The first thing you need to ask yourself is what the condition of the garage door, usually followed by the question: How old is the door? If the garage door is pretty new, and in good condition, there is no reason to replace it with a new garage door, and all you need to do is to fix the problem.
Sometime it may be possible that the garage door is pretty new, but the damage, such as water damage, or broken panels, or broken frame, or any other reason, which lead to a garage door which is not worth a repair.

What is the purpose of the replacement?

Let’s say that for example, you bought a house with a garage door installed. But the garage door is a low quality garage door, which is not insulated, and that was good enough for the previous owner, but not for you (For example, you have a different purpose for the use of the garage, than just to park the car there or just a storage room).
Another example: In many houses, the garage door is facing the front of the house, and a new garage door can definitely improve the look of the house, and if it is a cosmetic question, you may want to consider a new garage door.


We would like to make it clear, fixing a garage door, no matter if it is a garage door in Redondo Beach, or a garage door Brooklyn, is not always the cheapest solution. If we will ignore those who want to preserve the existing door, regardless what the cost will be (custom garage door, sentimental value for a garage door that was installed by a relative, Etc…), repairing a broken garage door can sometime cost more than completely replace the garage door.
For example: If the garage door is going to need a repair twice a year, and each repair will cost you 150-200 in average, it mean that within 3 years you are going to spend the value of a new garage door, and still be with the old door.
For conclusion: Many times it is easy to decide, since the door just need a repair, but sometime you should consider replacing the garage door, in order tom save money.



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