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Garage Door Maintenanace

Garage Door Maintenance

The same way you will never ignore the need of your car for inspection, oil change and tune up, you should not ignore the need of your garage door to be maintained. The garage door maintenance is not a complicated process, and usually take 20-40 minutes, but the results are what matter, and they are a better operating garage door, a long lasting one, and a safer one.

Garage door maintenance and safety

Before you start working on your garage door, whether it is a repair or maintenance, there is one thing you should never ignore, and that is the garage door safety. Before you start working, make sure that everyone who use the garage door will know that you are about to work on the garage door, and even after everyone know, disconnect the garage door opener (in case there is an opener) from the plug, to make sure that no one will accidently operate the garage door opener while you are performing the maintenance.
One more safety note: although the garage door maintenance is relatively a simple process, make sure that you know exactly what you are doing, and avoid lubricating, closing or opening or repairing parts if you are not sure. A garage door can be dangerous, and the results of a garage door maintenance repair or maintenance, which wasn’t performed correctly, can cause injuries long after the service ended.

The Maintenance process

Again, although all garage doors are operated basing on the same mechanism, every garage door is unique, and should be service according to the needs of the garage door. Below we list the steps which need to be performed while maintaining a garage door:
Lubrication: Lubricate the garage door parts which need to be lubricated, and avoid lubricating parts which do not need to be lubricated.
Inspection: Inspect the garage door and the garage door parts, to make sure there are no damaged, lose or broken parts, if there are such, do not ignore them.
Adjustment: There are parts (such as the opener and the spring system) which once in a while need some adjustments. Make sure that you know what you are doing, and avoid touching things which you are not sure about.
Safety: make sure that the garage door is safe for use. Check the safety sensors while the door is closing, to make sure that the safety reverse system is working fine, and will protect you or someone else who use the garage door in the future. By the law, every automated garage door, whether it is a garage door in Redondo Beach, or an electric gate in Hermosa Beach need to include a safety mechanism.
If you live in Redondo Beach, Hermosa Beach, or Manhattan Beach CA, and you are looking for someone to maintain your garage door, please contact us, and we will be happy to provide you with the service, which made Three Beaches Garage Doors to one of the leading garage door companies in Redondo Beach CA.



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