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Your gate is stuck? The gate operator refuse to open and close the gate? Did someone hit the gate? You got to the right place. Three Beaches Garage Doors specialize in all kinds of garage doors and gates repair in Redondo Beach CA. No matter if it is a sliding gate, a swing gate or even a roll up gate, with our same day service in Redondo, we will fix it today.

Gate Repairs Redondo Beach

The reasons why a gate stop working are many, but if there was one reason which stand out as the main reason why a gate stop working, it will be poor maintenance, or no maintenance at all. It does not matter if it is a gate in Redondo Beach, or a gate repair in Woodland Hills, every gate need to be maintained, preferably twice a year.
You may wonder: Why should I pay for maintenance, if the gate is working fine? And we understand the question, and would like to answer it. If you think about it, you gate may be used around 1-20 times a day. If we will take the average gate in Redondo Beach, which is used 10 times a day, which mean 20 times (10 for opening the gate and 10 for closing it), you will find that your gate in Redondo Beach is being used around 7,300 times during a year. Now do you really think that such a gate doesn’t need to be maintained?
Just like you will never even consider neglecting your car, and ignore it need for oil changing and tune up, so does your gate need it. Not only that the maintenance will improve the way your gate is working, but it will also ensure that the gate will continue to work like that, and it also protect the parts of the gate. When you think how close Redondo Beach is to the ocean, and that the salt in the air can affect the condition of your gate, the best thing for you to do will be to contact a gate technician in Redondo Beach to come and perform the service.

Steel gate repair Redondo Beach

Common gates types in Redondo Beach

There are many kinds of gates in Redondo Beach, from strong and massive rolling gates, to small and gentle, from residential sliding gate to commercial roll up gates, each one can find the right gate that will fulfill the purpose which for it the gate was installed. But no matter what kind of gate it is, they all have one thing in common, all gates need to be reliable, strong, and to open and close whenever we need them to. And after many years of serving gates in Redondo Beach, we learned one thing: a good gate start from the installation, and should be built from high quality materials. Once those 2 parameters exist, you are most likely going to get a high quality gate, from the kind that last almost forever.
To us it doesn’t matter what kind of gate you own, since we can repair all types of gates in Redondo Beach California. We repair swing gates, sliding gates, rolling gates and more in Redondo, since repairing gates and garage doors is what we do, and we consider ourselves to be the best.
Three Beaches Garage Doors and Gates believe that a professional gate contactor, and it doesn’t matter if it is a gate repair or a garage door repair in Redondo Beach, should be able to address all types of gates, and be able to fix all kinds of gates problems. And that is what make us to one of the leading gate repairs company in Redondo Beach and the area.

What to do if the gate need repairs?

Finding that your gate is broken, stuck, or just can’t be moved is never a pleasant experience. And no matter if your gate in Redondo Beach is not working, or if your garage door in Woodland Hills is out of track, everyone want to get their gate fixed ASAP. We understand that, and since we are located in Redondo Beach, and you are local for us, we can offer you a same day gate repair in Redondo Beach CA.
The best thing you can do if your gate got stuck, or barely moving, is to stop trying to use it and to contact us for a same day service. If you are going to insist, and try to force the gate to open or close, you will create a bigger damage, but more important than that, you will put yourself, and other people who use the gate at risk. The best thing to do will be to let all the people who use the gate that there is something wrong with it, and to contact a local gate repair company in Redondo Beach, that will send a team of technician to inspect your gate and to fix it.
We know that sometime a gate can get stuck in the worst timing for you, just when you are about to leave the house, or when you are on your way back. To give you the fastest service, we offer emergency gate repairs in Redondo Beach, to help you get your gate working again ASAP.

Rolling Gate Repair Redondo Beach

There are many reasons which can result in a non-working or stuck rolling gate: From a problem with the gate operator, to a broken or bended part, to a gate which went out of track. No matter what the reason is, there is one thing that you should never do, and that is to try and use a broken gate.
Using a broken gate is dangerous, and it doesn’t matter if it is a broken swing gate or a broken rolling gate, and except from increasing the damage and by that increasing the cost and the time of the repair, using a broken gate can end with serious injuries. If you are located in Redondo Beach, and looking for someone to repair your broken gate or your overhead door, contact us, and we will send someone to fix it today.

Sliding gate Redondo

Swing Gate Repair Redondo Beach CA

If you live in Redondo Beach and you are reading our article, you probably facing broken gate, and if it is a residential gate, it is probably a swing gate, which are very popular as driveway gates in Redondo Beach California. Whether it is a wooden swing gate, a steel swing gate, or Aluminum gate, and you are having hard time operating it, you probably did not maintained it on time.
But lack of maintenance is not the only possible reason. It is also possible that someone hit the gate with a car, or that the gate’s operator just stopped working. But there is no need to worry. We specialize in repairing all types of gates in Redondo, and we can help you by fixing your swing gate today.

Commercial Gate Redondo Beach CA

If you own a commercial gate in Redondo Beach CA, and you need someone to provide you with a gate service whether it is a repair or installation, Three Beaches Garage Doors can do that for you. A commercial gate should be strong and reliable, so it can protect your business even if you are not there, and prevent unwanted people from entering your place.
But besides being strong and reliable, a commercial gate should be reliable. If you are unable to open your warehouse in the morning since the gate refuse to open, that mean that you need an emergency gate repair in Redondo Beach, and since we offer same day commercial gate services in Redondo Beach, you should consider contacting us.

Commercial gate maintenance in Redondo

We already discussed the importance of the gate maintenance service, but when it comes to commercial gate in Redondo Beach, the maintenance become much more important. A commercial gate can be used many times a day, and should be able to operate in a high volume of opening and closing. If you own a car shop, or a garage in Redondo Beach, you probably know what we mean.
Do not ignore the need for maintenance. You may think you are saving money, when you are actually losing money, since a gate which isn’t maintained will eventually get stuck, and when that will happen, you can lose money for emergency repair, and for time loss due to a the stuck gate.

Commercial gate Redondo California

Can I repair the gate by doing it myself?

Yes you can fix the gate by yourself. But we won’t recommend it, unless you know exactly what you are doing, and have experience in repairing gates, that may require some welding and use of power tools. We sometime receive calls from customers in Redondo who tries to repair their gate or their garage door by DIY. When we arrive, we find a situation which run between completely wrong attempt to repair the gate, to people who were so close to complete the repair, and all they need is some professional assistance. But all of them tell us the same things: This is the last time we try to fix the gate by ourselves.
The thing with gates is that the problem may look simple, when it is actually much more complicated than it seem. To you it may seem like a problem with the rolling gate operator, when it is actually a problem with the spring that prevent the gate from working properly.
If you do prefer to perform the gate by doing it yourself, we recommend that you will make sure to follow those tips, that may make the repair easier, but that can also save life:

  • Always follow the safety guidelines. No gate repair worthy your health.

  • Use the right tools for the job.
  • Make sure you are using the right parts.
  • Search and learn the gate field.
  • Contact a gate supplier in Redondo Beach for assistance.
  • Do not take risks. Gate repair isn’t the place for “maybe”.
  • Know how the gate operate, and avoid touching things you are not sure about.
  • And again, safety comes before anything else.

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    Three Beached Garage Doors And Gates is a company located in Redondo Beach, and offer same day gate repair and garage door services in Redondo Beach California. We repair residential and commercial gates, and we specialize in repairing and servicing steel gates and wooden gates. Commercial and residential.
    We service Redondo Beach, Hermosa, Beach, Manhattan Beach and the area, and we offer same day service to get your gate working again ASAP.





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