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How to choose a new garage door?


One of the question that our customers are facing when they are looking to purchase a new garage door is: How to choose a new garage door? When you are trying to answer this question, there are few parameters you should consider. In this post we will try to highlight some of them, helping you to make the right decision on your way to a new garage door.

Your budget

One of the things that will determine what kind of door you will install, is the budget for the project. There are many garage doors in the market, so each one can find the right garage door for them. The way we see it, we believe that when you are intending to buy a new garage door, you should aim for the best garage door, from the kind that will last for 10-20 years. The difference between a high quality garage door, and a basic garage door, can sometime range between 200-600$, but in terms of years, and in terms of quality, the best garage doors can last 10-20 years, when the basic will last 3-8 years.
So if you will look at it as an investment, with 30% more investment, you will get a garage door that not only last more than double, but will also work perfectly, and will protect your house in terms of protection and life quality.

Opener (Automated Garage Door)

Am other question you may face, is “should I purchase a garage door opener as well”? The answer to this question depend on few things: What will be the purpose of the garage once the new door will be installed, and from that you will answer – How often will you open and close the garage. But here, just like with the door itself, we will recommend you to purchase a high quality opener, from the kind that will open the door and close it when you need it to, and from the kind that will last for many years.

The installation

One more aspect that you cannot ignore is the installation job. If you purchased a high quality garage door, but the installation was done by an amateur, you won’t get the result you are hoping for. You must find a professional installer, which will provide you with a professional installation, which combined with a top quality garage door, will allow you to enjoy a strong and reliable door, and which will give you a proper return for your investment.

The new garage door

As we mentioned in the previous post, if you decided to replace your garage door and install a new one, you got endless options to choose from, in terms of size, color and the design, so each one can find the perfect garage door that will fit the place where it will be installed.
You can always search online, and see the garage door models, but the best option will be to look around your neighborhood, and physically see and inspect the garage doors which installed. You will be able to easily tell the difference between the high quality garage doors and the rest.




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