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Three Beaches Garage Doors, Redondo Beach CA

Located in Redondo Beach CA, Three Beaches Garage Doors offer same day garage door repair service in Redondo Beach CA and the area. No matter what is the reason which cause your garage door to break, get stuck or stop working, we can help and fix it. We carry in our service tracks all the tools and the parts, which are needed in order to repair you garage door today, and allow you to go back to the routine of using a perfectly working garage door in Redondo Beach.

Three Beaches Garage Doors Service in Redondo Beach include:

  • Garage door repair Redondo Beach
  • .Garage door spring repair in Redondo Beach.
  • Garage door opener repair and installation Redondo Beach
  • Out of track garage door repair Redondo Beach
  • Same day service in Redondo Beach CA
  • Garage door maintenance in Redondo Beach
  • Garage door installation Redondo Beach CA

Garage Door Repair Service Redondo

If you located in Redondo Beach CA, and you are in search for a garage door company which fix garage doors in Redondo Beach, you are in the right place. From residential garage door repair service, to garage door replacement, we are the answer for all your garage door needs in Redondo Beach. From torsion garage door spring installation, to out of track repair, we got the knowledge and the experience to help.
We, at Three Beaches Garage Doors, understand that there is never a good timing for a garage door to stop working, so we are proudly offer a same day garage door repair service in Redondo Beach, and we will do our best to get your garage door back and track and working today.
Our service tracks in Redondo Beach are loaded with tools and parts such as torsion springs and openers, in order to give our technicians to opportunity to complete the repair on the first visit, and to get your garage door in Redondo Beach working and operable again

Garage Door Spring Repair Redondo Beach

Eventually, every garage spring in Redondo Beach will break, the only question is when, and how big will be the damage that is going to follow. But there is one thing you can and should do, in order to delay the break and extend the life cycle of the spring, and that is to provide your garage door in Redondo Beach with a maintenance, which can to protect the door and its parts, and extend their life cycle.

Spring systems:

Many people who own a garage door in Redondo Beach CA are not aware to the fact that the force which lift the garage door, or prevent it from crashing in the ground is not the garage door opener, but the spring system. Due to that, the springs of the garage door, whether it is a torsion spring system in Redondo Beach or an extension spring system, are under a lot of tension, and the break of a spring can be dangerous. In order to try and minimize the damage that a breaking spring can cause, there are few things we can do:

  1. Stop using the garage door in case something is broken, or if the door isn’t working properly. And contact a garage repairs company in Redondo Beach CA.
  2. Install safety cables if your garage door IN Redondo Beach is operated by extension springs system.
  3. Maintain the garage door, and while maintaining the garage door in Redondo Beach, perform a safety check to make sure there are no broken parts.
  4. Use the right springs for the your garage door in Redondo Beach.

Again, do not ignore a garage door problem, and contact a garage door company in Redondo Beach to come to your home and inspect the damaged door.

Garage Door Repair Redondo Beach

Garage Door Opener repair Redondo Beach

When it comes to automated garage door Redondo Beach, we are probably the best solution you will find. Before we say few things about an automated garage door, we would like to make one thing clear: The opener is doing no more than 10% of the garage door lifting, most of the energy which is needed to lift the garage door in Redondo Beach and to balance and stop it when it is closing is being done by the garage door springs system. So it may seem to you that the source of the problem is the opener, and you may need to use a garage door opener repairman in Redondo Beach, when it is actually the spring system that need to be repaired.
If the springs are fine, and the mechanism of the garage door is good, then it may be the opener which preventing the garage door from working perfectly. In that case, you can always disable the opener, (disengage a garage door opener), and continue to use the garage door manually, until a technician from a garage door company in Redondo Beach will come to your place and repair the opener.

Garage Door Repair Redondo Beach – Do it yourself

Some garage door problems in Redondo Beach California, such as garage door sensor problem, or a general garage door maintenance, can be repaired or performed by you, all you need is a basic knowledge and few basic tools. But before we explain how to do it yourself, we would like to make a clear warning, that a garage door in Redondo Beach, a garage door in Hermosa Beach, or anywhere else can be dangerous, and you should always make sure that you know exactly what you are doing when trying to repair it yourself, and if you are not sure what you are doing, you can always contact a garage door contractor in Redondo Beach who specialize in garage repairs and we will be happy to assist you.
You can watch this Video, that explain about a garage door repair in Redondo Beach, or you can look on youtube and find Videos that explain how to do it yourself. Again, not all garage doors are the same, and you must always make sure to be strict with the garage door safety, and to avoid touching or repairing parts which you are not sure about.
Garage door repair Redondo Beach Video:



For general garage door maintenance in Redondo Beach, please click here, and follow the instructions of how to maintain your garage door.
For garage door sensors issue in Redondo Beach, first you need to make sure that the problem is indeed laying in the sensors. When the garage door opener indicate that there is a sensors problems, it usually noticed when the door is starting to close, but at some point stop before it touches the ground, and reversing back up to an open position. This problem is usually followed by a flickering opener which signal to you: there is a problem.
The reason for garage door sensors in Redondo Beach are not working (If of course no object is placed between the two sensors) are usually a sensor which was moved from it place, so now the sensors aren’t facing each other, dirt on one of the sensor’s lenses, a problem with the wire which connect the sensors to the opener, or a damaged sensor. If you are not sure what the problem is, it is better to contact a garage door contractor in Redondo Beach, to come and inspect the sensors.
Under no circumstances, and no matter what the reason, do not try to operate a garage door in Redondo Beach using the opener without the help of the sensors. Since it is by federal law, that every automated garage door in Redondo Beach should include a safety feature, and should not be operated without it!

Out of track overhead door repair Redondo Beach

If your overhead door in Redondo Beach went out of the track, or the tracks, it is dangerous. Pushing the rollers back into the tracks will not solve the problem, since there is a reason why the door went out of the tracks!
Maybe someone hit the door with a car. Maybe one of the springs snapped and the door went out of balance and out of the tracks. Maybe the overhead door need some maintenance service by a pro repairman in Redondo Beach. If you think that you will just push the rollers back into the tracks, and force the door to get back into its place, the door may seem like it is safe for use and that it is working again, but what you just did is to put yourself, and other people who use this door in risk.
There is a need to address and repair the reason that made the door go out of its tracks, and to repair that require knowledge of the garage doors in Redondo Beach and its mechanism. It may seem to you that everything is ok and the door is working fine again, when actually it is not safe for use.

Garage Maintenance Redondo Beach California

If you own a garage door in Redondo Beach CA, and it doesn’t matter if it is a commercial overhead door in Redondo Beach, or a residential garage door in Woodland Hills, the best thing you can do to make sure that the garage will open and close whenever you are going to need, and that you won’t have to contact a garage repairman in Redondo Beach to fix the garage, is to perform a garage door maintenance. You can perform the maintenance by yourself, and you can use the services of a garage door repairer in Redondo Beach. But it doesn’t matter what you will choose, to DIY or to use a garage technician in Redondo Beach, the important thing is to make sure your garage will be maintained and lubricated every 6 months.
Maintaining a garage door in Redondo Beach CA, is not too complicated, and you can do it by yourself. Locate a garage door store in Redondo Beach that offer garage door parts and lubricant, and get the products you need to maintain a garage door in Redondo Beach.
If you prefer to use the services of a garage door company in Redondo Beach, Three Beaches Garage Doors can help. We offer same day garage maintenance services in Redondo Beach California, including lubrication, inspecting and tuning for all garages in Redondo Beach, residential and commercial.
Do not assume that if your garage door is working fine, there is no need to maintain it. If you will not maintain your garage, it is just a matter of time before you will need to use the services of a garage door company in Redondo Beach to come and repair the door. But now your garage door will also need to be repaired besides the maintenance, and you will need to fix or replace the broken parts. If your garage door in Redondo Beach Is Broken, no lubrication is going to help. You will have to use a garage repairman in Redondo Beach CA first, and only once the door will be repaired, you will be able to lubricate it.

Garage Opener Repair Redondo Beach

Lift Master Opener Repairs Redondo Beach California

If you live in Redondo Beach CA, and you are experiencing troubles operating your garage Lift master opener, we can help. Three Beaches garage doors repair and install new Lift master garage openers in Redondo Beach and the area. Lift Master openers are considered as strong and reliable garage openers, and whenever we are being asked which opener you would recommend to install in Redondo Beach California, Lift Master will be our first answer.
We repair broken openers, supply new openers and install Lift Master openers in Redondo Beach. Whether it is a safety sensor issue, a new remote control, or if the Key-Pad is not working, we can help.

Lift Master Repairs Redondo Beach:

Lift Master opener repair Redondo Beach.
Lift Master opener safety sensor repair Redondo Beach.
Lift Master installation Redondo Beach.
Lift Master garage repairs in Redondo Beach.
Safety garage opener repairs Redondo Beach.
Commercial Lift Master opener service in Redondo Beach.

Same day overhead door repair Redondo Beach

Since we offer to fix your garage door today, there is no need to try and force the door to work. We got the knowledge and the parts to fix every garage door in Redondo Beach California. You may think that if the door will only work again even just once, the problem will disappear, or you may think that you can go to home depot and purchase a pair of springs to replace the broken spring. But what you don’t know is that every garage door in Redondo Beach has its own spring, and for the unprofessional eye, all springs may look the same, when they are actually different, and as we explained before, using the wrong overhead part is dangerous.
So avoid unnecessary risks, and contact us for a same day repairs service in Redondo Beach California.


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  1. 12 April, 2014 at 10:18 am

    I know it may sound weird, but is it possible that my garage door opener stop working when it is cold outside?

  2. 12 April, 2014 at 11:18 am

    I sometime have the same problem you described Betsi, during the winter i sometime need to nock few times on the opener itself, just to make it work, kind of knocking on its cover like trying to wake it up ;)

    1. 13 April, 2014 at 02:18 pm

      Soung strange, I am not an expert, but it is possible that something is freezing inside the opener, and that may be the reason why it doesnt respond when you need to respond. Luckily it is not that cold in Redondo Beach, so i think that you should just live with it, instead of replacing the opener with a new opener, or get it repaired. But that depend how often it happening to you...

      1. 14 April, 2014 at 06:34 pm

        It happen to me like once a moth during the winter, but just like you said, i guess i can live with it. Thanks for replying ;)

  3. 15 April, 2014 at 08:21 am

    Hi everyone, we are sorry for the late respond, but we are here to answer all you questions. Regarding the freezing opener: it is possible that when the temperatures drop, some parts of the garage door, including the opener may get stuck. You can always get someone to inspect your garage door opener, and see if it due to lose parts or wires, or that just due to the cold. Luckily the weather in Redondo Beach is pretty warm, so it probably happen to you 2-3 times a year. If that happen and the opener refuse to open or close the door, you can always disengage the opener and disable it, and use the door manually till someone come and repair the door.
    If you have any other questions, do not hesitate to ask, and we will be happy to share our knowledge with you.

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